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FILMS THAT                           MAKE YOU THINK

New Creature
New Creature

Thriller / Mystery / Horror / Sci-fi

Very reminiscent of Ari Aster's Midsommar, this

unique, tense thriller breaks the rules and crosses genres, sparking thought and possibility to the power of the mind and perception. New Creature sits somewhere between Vanilla Sky and The Witch.

Status: Script/Package ready for production.

Currently casting.

Budget: $4MM.

Thieves of Time
Thieves of Time

Thriller / Heist

A suspenseful thriller about three friends who stumble across a way to time-travel thirty-eight years into the past, posing questions about our innate desires between greed and love. 

Think Point Break meets Looper.

Status: Script/Package in development.

Budget: $5MM.

The Virtue of Excellence
It's All Just a Damn Mistake

Drama / Thriller

The Virtue of Excellence

Dark Comedy  / Heist

Think The Score meets Don't Worry, He

Won't Get Far On Foot.

Propelled by dark humor, a paraplegic operates an underground business and stumbles across the opportunity for the big payoff. But, falling in love with a nihilistic alcoholic wasn't part of the plan, as we open a can of worms in morality and culture.

Status: Script/Package in development.

Budget: $2MM

The Virtue of Excellence poster1d.png
Its All Just A Damn Mistake

A different kind of superhero story.

A slow burn, thriller that morally culminates into something bloody and unexpected. A revenge story that challenges stereotypes.

Think Darkman meets You Were Never Really Here.

Status: Script/Package ready for production.

Budget: $5MM.

just a mistake- poster idea1c-.png
Burnt Umber   

Drama / Thriller

When a struggling painter with a failing marriage finally scores big, he becomes entangled in an affair that leads to a gruesome death, forcing him and his wife to work together to cover it up. A dark, ironic depiction of reconciliation. 

Status: Script/Package ready for production.

Budget: $3M.

Burnt Umber
Burnt Umber poster.png

Thriller / Sci-fi

In 1901, Dr. Duncan MacDougall did numerous tests on dying tuberculosis patients. Using a precision scale utilizing a bed, upon their last breath into death, each one lost an average weight of twenty-one grams. It was theorized that the soul, in part, exists on a molecular level, leaving the body. After his experiments were deemed morally questionable, he was discredited and vanished. There is no information about his life from 1902 until his mysterious death in 1920.

We have taken these true events and expounded on them into a mini-series that reaches from WWI all the way to today's science conspiracy.




Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 5.19.34 PM.png

Winning numerous awards world-wide such as: Best Director, Best Thriller, Best Drama, Best of Fest, Director's Choice and over 50 nominations including an oscar-qualifying short film, Seth has been recognized as an emerging, meticulous filmmaker in the industry.

Besides having a series and 5 feature projects in development, Seth was one of the producers on the feature "Echo Boomers", which was picked up by Universal and Saban.


Seth has been blessed to work on additional projects with Bruce Willis, Michael Shannon, Patrick Schwartzenegger, Thomas Jane, Trace Adkins, Tom Berenger, Alex Pettyfer, Mike Tyson, Lesley Ann Warren, and more.


Tel: 615-268-7587
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