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Ämizod makes movies and hot sauces. I know, weird right. For some reason, they just go together. A movie should be like a hot sauce--you anticipate leading up to it, it’s super delicious, but give it time, and it hits you in the face. Finally, it cools back down and leaves you feeling satisfied or challenged.


As Billy Wilder might say, “Some Like It Hot!” Whether creating sauces or movies, I think the key is to make life a little uncomfortable. Nothing made really well was ever created by being comfortable. That’s why sauces are tastier the hotter they get. Echoing the words of Frank Capra,

”Don’t do trends, create new ones. You have to take risks.“

Now shake the damn bottle and try it!


Smoked Srirhotcha Blend

Everyone knows about the widely used Sriracha sauce. But, they never made a

smoked it only makes sense to offer that to the world, only BETTER!

This is a well balanced medium-heat made with fermented Red Jalapeños and

cane brown sugar. 

Pretty much goes on anything!

Smoked Habanero Mango Carrot

Mangos have always been a good pairing with habanero peppers, and when combined with carrot and our proprietary spices, its a beautifully colored, sweet and hot balance.

Taking on more of a Belizean style, this blend has a medium-to-hot

kick, but dissipates quickly, allowing you to really enjoy it.

Similar to our Srirhotcha sauce, this pretty much goes with about anything!


Smoked Jalapeño Cilantro Lime

More on the greener side of the palate, this sauce screams for Mexican

food lovers! It is the perfect addition to tacos or enchiladas.

Made with green jalapeños, it rests in a medium heat and the smokiness of

the applewood really comes through on this one.


Smoked Pablano Cucumber

This is probably the greenest sauce you'll ever try. Packed with bright notes

of lime and lemon, it brings out the fresh cucumber to lift any dish.

There is almost no heat at all to this very mild blend, its simply made to

just enjoy, especially for vegans and salad eaters!

no title coming soon bottle.png


Smoked Ghost BBQ Blend

Can't wait to share this one with the world...cuz who doesn't love bbq right!

With a perfect balance of sweet and hot, it goes with any bbq dish...brisket,

pulled pork, ribs, fries, etc...

Made with Ghost pepper, this one is a solid hot sauce with a good kick to it, but not so much that keeps you from coming back for more.

no title coming soon bottle.png

Smoked Ghost Indian Blend

It's not very often you see an Indian hot sauce out there, so it only makes

sense to tailor one to one of our favorite food genres, Indian.

Bearing a solid heat level, it is blended with the classic tastes of cardamom, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and other proprietary spices that create a unique and complex recipe with tons of depth!

Whether it be on chickpea curry or tikka masala, this sauce is a MUST TRY!


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