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What is Ämizod Pictures about?

Ämizod develops feature and TV projects and is actively searching

for producing and financing partners who are a good fit in creating a team 

made of integrity, honesty and a fun atmosphere.

We're not interested in the "quick buck" of making crappy B-movies, we aim

for quality, compelling material.

What the heck is Ämizod?

Pronounced with an Ä (:Awe, like the word awesome)

ami (n.) "friend, lover,"  (11c.), from Latin amicus

zod (n.) abbv. for zodiac "a belt in the stars, the cosmos, the heavens.

Thus, Lover of the Heavens.


"As the founder of Ämizod Pictures, the term Lover of the Heavens was always perfect because, for me, it was metaphorical as storytelling is limitless, it's reaching for the stars, its trying to accomplish something you're not sure you can accomplish, its about seeing the unseen, it's about taking risks; and at the center of it all is the human spirit.

In short, Ämizod Pictures desires to create films that make you think, yet

constructed in a way that are still very marketable.

From the outset, it may seem like Ämizod is sci-fi driven, and though there are certainly sci-fi elements in some stories, it's palette spans across all genres.

Elements of science, time-travel, psychology, sociology, theology are all story endeavors that reach into the complexity of humanity and the universe.

Films such as: Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Vanilla Sky, Mother!, Eternal

Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Shutter Island, The Master, Being John Malkovich,

The Tree of Life, Nope...these are all examples of pensive, powerful

stories that entertain yet make us think!"

~seth christian~

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